Nirvana Blue Yucatan

Nirvana Blue is a sustainable, solar powered Geo-Touristic experience set on miles of untouched beach in an off the grid Biosphere reserve.

Your journey begins in Rio Lagartos, Yucatán with a short crossing of the Ría (estuary) by boat, then down an ancient beach road to the magical entrance of Nirvana Blue and immediately “disconnecting”…

We will be happy to help customize your vacation or just leave you to enjoy the magic.

Guest Rooms

All rooms are ocean front and have been carefully thought out floating over the low flora canopy featuring traditional Yucatan shuttered windows to capture the refreshing gentle breezes. Guests may choose either the Bungalows or Suites, each spectacular on their own, offering privacy, serenity and inspiration.

Come and enjoy the experiences

Come and enjoy the experiences

Come share the Nirvana Blue Yucatan experience with us.

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